Monday, November 15, 2010

Maserati- Bye M'friend, Goodbye

the original

stretched 3x

This one is kind of neat because the original already had chanted vocals and some buzzy drone type stuff going on. It's kind of neat how the pulsing synth basically turns into a solid drone. The guitar gets kind of sputtery. Some parts, particularly around the 9 minute mark, sound backwards. I like it.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fleetwood Mac- Sisters of the Moon

the original
Sisters Of The Moon by cdb

stretched 20x

The drums come through like waves crashing. This one was gorgeous and hypnotic all the way through, but it was like an hour and a half long. Here's 15 minutes or so, starting a few minutes in.

I used up Soundcloud's 2 free hours pretty quickly with these long tracks, so I'm trying something new. Let's see how it works.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Res- They Say Vision

the original
They Say Vision by cdb

stretched 11x
They Say Vision stretched 11x by cdb

Another nice dreamy one here. Nothing surprising, but nice anyway. I faded it out around 11 minutes.

Battles- Ipt-2

the original
Ipt-2 by cdb

slowed by 25%, with up to 7 layers of echo
Ipt-2 echo by cdb

With this one I decided to play around w/ the robotic, plinky plonky sound. No stretching, though I did slow it down a little. Then I staggered layers of echo over top, so that by the end there are 7 layers. Play this loudly for your kids and see if they cry.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Jawbox- Savory

the original
Savory by cdb

the first 23 seconds stretched 30x
Savory intro stretched 30x by cdb

the breakdown/guitar solo stretched 30x
Savory middle section stretched 30x by cdb

I split this one into two because I wanted to do longer stretches, and songs with a lot of guitar tend to turn to noise. I like the first one a lot. It reminds me of The Dark Knight soundtrack, kind of tense and wound-up, like it's building towards something bad. The second one is neat because of the wide space between the notes. When the guitar solo comes in after that, things get a little bonkers.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jimmy Buffett- Come Monday

the original
Come Monday by cdb

stretched x 15
Come Monday stretched 15 x by cdb

This one surprised me. I like the original a lot as it is, a sort of melancholy, nostalgic tune. But the stretched version is just beautiful, like a funeral hymn, with these moments of super intense vocal washes whenever he's coming in with the bigger notes. Great stuff.

I faded the clip up there at 25 minutes. Download the full 49-minute track here.

Annie- Chewing Gum

the original
ChewingGum by cdb

stretched x 8
Chewing Gum 8x by cdb

The beginning sounds sort of like traffic in the distance. The beat settles into a rhythmic, deep breathing, and the whole thing comes across like a mechanical factory assembly line with not enough to do.