Monday, August 30, 2010

Jawbox- Savory

the original
Savory by cdb

the first 23 seconds stretched 30x
Savory intro stretched 30x by cdb

the breakdown/guitar solo stretched 30x
Savory middle section stretched 30x by cdb

I split this one into two because I wanted to do longer stretches, and songs with a lot of guitar tend to turn to noise. I like the first one a lot. It reminds me of The Dark Knight soundtrack, kind of tense and wound-up, like it's building towards something bad. The second one is neat because of the wide space between the notes. When the guitar solo comes in after that, things get a little bonkers.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jimmy Buffett- Come Monday

the original
Come Monday by cdb

stretched x 15
Come Monday stretched 15 x by cdb

This one surprised me. I like the original a lot as it is, a sort of melancholy, nostalgic tune. But the stretched version is just beautiful, like a funeral hymn, with these moments of super intense vocal washes whenever he's coming in with the bigger notes. Great stuff.

I faded the clip up there at 25 minutes. Download the full 49-minute track here.

Annie- Chewing Gum

the original
ChewingGum by cdb

stretched x 8
Chewing Gum 8x by cdb

The beginning sounds sort of like traffic in the distance. The beat settles into a rhythmic, deep breathing, and the whole thing comes across like a mechanical factory assembly line with not enough to do.